Q1. Can Americaweb.org benefit SMBs and professionals like CPAs, General Contractors, Lawyers, Doctors, Farmers, etc?

Answer: Yes, of course. More and more people are searching for all kinds of services including legal, medical and other professional services online today, and your profile page on Americaweb.org will increase your professional visibility. You can also add audio/videos/presentations. The aim is to help you succeed by maximizing your business visibility. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a detailed website yet because each profile page on our website acts like a mini-website having its own contact form. When a person submits the form contact form on your profile page, we will forward it to you via email.

Please Note: Every genuine/legitimate business in America can have their business page on our website for free. There is no cost for creating a business page, and you can give us as many details as you want, including pdfs, images, youtube video links. The only cost is for online marketing of your business page, which is optional. Our online marketing services are very affordable, and start from just $25 onwards. Please see this page to learn more: http://americaweb.org/services/

Q2. Will my business listing/profile page be visible worldwide?

Answer: Yes, your business listing on Americaweb.org will be visible worldwide, which would include your potential customers, investors, employees, and business partners. If you choose to use our online marketing services, we will also post your profile page link on our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+, which will further promote your business.

Q3. From where do the visitors come?

Answer: Our website gets an visitors from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, various news websites and blogs. Plus we have 50+ websites in our network, in different industry sectors and many visitors come from there as we promote each of our network sites.

Q4. How can I get more visitors to my business page?

Answer: If we do more online marketing for your business page, you will get more visitors, and often it can also result in more inquiries. We will have to do more press releases and social media marketing having the links of your business page. The cost involved in this work changes from quarter to quarter. Please contact us and will share a few options with you. We have expertise in using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which can also be used for lead generation for your business.

Q5. Can any type of business be listed on Americaweb.org?

Answer: If your business is genuine, like the vast majority of businesses out there, then we will be happy to add your profile page on our website. However, we won’t list the anything that looks like a spam, scam, immoral or unethical. In short, if we feel uncomfortable with your business on our website, we won’t list it.

Q6. Is there any discount for non-for-profit organizations or charities?

Answer: Yes, if your business is involved in a charity or not-for-profit social work, we will list your organization on our website and do basic online marketing for free – you may consider it as our donation. Please contact us with your details. Thanks.

Q7. Can I put videos, images or presentations on my business page?

Answer: Yes, you can add youtube videos, images, links to powerpoint or pdf files. For doing that, you can either upload the image(s) and presentation(s) on your own webhost and email us the URL for them. We will use these links to get the files on this site. This way, you can update a presentation and upload it on your own webhost -without changing the URL. For presentations, you can also upload to slideshare.net and we can add the slideshare url on your profile page. Or, you can send us the images/pdf files and we will upload on our website. In this case, you will need to monitor that the content remains current.

Q8. Will the online marketing service for my business page auto-renew after one year, or do I need to renew it manually?

Answer: No, we will not auto-renew your business listing after one year. We will approach you 1 month before to ask if you want to renew your listing. The choice is yours. Your business page remains on our website even if you don’t renew the service after 1 year. However, we will not include your page for online marketing work in year 2, so you will lose out on the online marketing benefits. You can share the URL of your page with others, and the URL will not change or go down. But will have limited ability to update the content of a page that is not under active service. Hope you understand. Thanks.

Q9. Will you share any report for the online marketing done for business page?

Answer. Yes, we will share a report for every online marketing work we do for your business page. If we do Google/Facebook Ads for you (its a separate service), we will share a report on that as well. In short, there will be a report on every service we do.

Is Your Question Not Answered? We want to answer it. Please contact us. This is the only business directory plus promotion package out there with a performance guarantee. You are welcome to Google search and come back. We are sure about this because we have 100+ websites, and we have tried every possible product and service out there.

At $99 per year (limited time offer for the first 100 businesses located in the USA), we have the best value online marketing service for any business.

P.S. After the first 100 members/customers, the service fee will be revised to $197 and then to $297 because the future members/customers will be getting ready benefits of a higher value asset (with higher visibility, traffic) from the initial investments in this website and the ground work that would have happened from the contributions of early 100 customers. Its just like real estate. The first 100 units will be sold at the lowest price, and then rates will always go up as adoption increases.

Got questions? Please contact us. Thanks!