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While dealing with a difficult matter in your life or the life of a family member such as an injury from an accident, marital discourse or improper burial of a loved one, it is important to have someone knowledgeable and dedicated on your side. The attorneys at Malley Law Firm are prepared to fight for you in many different areas of law. Call 800-529-5770 or message us via live chat for help with your case!

Tony Malley has been trying cases since he was 26 years old. At 28 he became a partner in a law firm stacked with trial lawyer partners twenty years his senior. When he was 30, he took the largest verdict ever in an East Texas county for a personal injury case involving a truck accident. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization certified Tony in Personal Injury Trial Law at 32 years, a feat only 7 attorneys under the age of 35 accomplished out of over 80,000 attorneys in Texas. He started his own law firm when he was 34. Since that time, he has continuously fought for his clients all over Texas from offices in Houston and Beaumont. His reputation causes him to be hired to represent clients nationwide. He has “no fear” of the courthouse. In one word, he can be described as “hungry.”

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