Ace Contractors in Hammond, NY

Ron and Grant joined forces in 1996 to form ACE Contractors. Ron and Grant have a combined 35 years of experience in general contracting. Their philosophy is to provide high quality craftsmanship and attention to the finest details in order to create 100% customer satisfaction. They are on the jobsite daily giving personal and professional attention to all aspects of the job. Ron and Grant pride themselves on being complete home builders, building from the ground up. They use very few subs which prevents delays and streamlines the building process.

Ace Contractors was awarded the 2003 National Grand Prize for the Certainteed Award of Excellence Program.

Janet and I finally had a chance to reflect on last summer’s construction project your company undertook for us. We both feel that it is very important for you to realize how much we appreciate the wonderful job you did. I personally am amazed that you were able to pull this job together in such a short time. We were fortunate that coordinating the different governing agencies went as smoothly as they did. It wasn’t until you started the project that we became fully aware of how much effort and persistence you needed to obtain a smooth working relationship with employees, suppliers, sub-contractors, engineers, state and local inspectors, and most importantly, us, the employers!!
As the operators of McLear’s Cottage Colony and Campground, Janet and I are very proud of our new store and pavilion, and we feel you should be too. The building has definitely moved the standard up a notch for commercial buildings in the entire Black Lake area.
We hope to continue this working relationship with Ace Contractors for all our future development. Please feel free to send the curious or the skeptical to inspect for themselves.
Again, thanks for the fine job.
—Mel McLear, President
McLear’s Cottage Colony and Campground

1698 County Route 6
Hammond, NY 13646
Phone/Fax: 1 (315) 324-5753


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