Acme Roofing & Siding LLC in Haslett, MI

In 1957, Paul Dalton had a need and a dream to provide for his family, so doing what he knew best for the previous 30 years, he founded the Acme Roofing and Siding Co. Fifty years later, our company is still proudly serving the mid-Michigan area. We do business based on the simple premise of providing a good service at an affordable, competitive price; treating our customer base as we would want to be treated; and backing up our guarantees. By adhering to these simple, common sense principles, the Acme Roofing and Siding LLC has remained and will continue to be a family-owned and operated company for many years to come.

Residential Roofing:
If you need a new roof for your home call the pros at Acme Roofing & Siding LLC. We specialize in residential roofing repairs and installations. Our crew has the expertise to install a plethora of roof types. All of our roofing is hand nailed during installations and repairs. We have re-roofing specialists on staff that can help you save money by offering re-roofing services.

The weather conditions of Michigan can be harsh on your roof. Some days are cold, wet, and windy which can tear the shingles off of your roof. Acme Roofing & Siding LLC has the skills and staff to handle any roof repair; small, medium or large.

Inspections and Consultations:
Acme Roofing & Siding LLC can provide you with an appraisal of the life expectancy of the roof of your home or potential home. We can give you information about the current state of the roof, if repairs are needed and the expected costs.

6061 Beechwood Drive
Haslett, MI 48840
Phone: (517) 321-5890
Fax: 517-339-7663


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