Amaral Tellawi Law, Real Estate Lawyers in Houston, TX

Thais Amaral Tellawi established Amaral Tellawi Law in 2010 to cater to the unique personal and business needs of a large, but under-served population: real people just like us.

We take pride in working with individuals, families, professional couples, self-employed entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and others who seek one-on-one legal services in a non-corporate, small firm environment.

Thais recognized that few, if any, law firms sought to provide high-end planning and transaction services to individual, non-institutional clients. Amaral Tellawi Law fills the gap between the general-practitioner and the downtown law firm.

827 W. 19th Street
Houston, Texas 77008
Phone: 832.295.0770
Fax: 713.750.9044

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