Aury Bennett Stollow, P.C. , Real Estate Lawyers in New York, NY

When businesses, banks, property owners or other parties to real estate transactions retain our firm’s services, they can expect personalized legal assistance from our experienced team. Our clients from the skills of seasoned negotiators, litigators and, above all, problem solvers.

Practical Solutions For Complex Legal Issues
The attorneys of Aury Bennett Stollow, P.C., successfully handle the complicated matters faced by business owners and those involved in New York’s competitive real estate game. Our experience has shown us how to deftly handle the city’s often complex bureaucracies and perform due diligence to anticipate and avoid problems whenever feasible. This allows us to assist our clients in finalizing real estate and business transactions in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our litigation clients appreciate our results-oriented approach to resolving legal disputes. Rather than pursuing drawn-out litigation in every case, we work to solve problems for our clients quickly. When they come to us facing a legal roadblock, we work together to develop a comprehensive strategy to address all their legal needs.

Established Real Estate Lawyers In New York
Our firm is established and well-respected in Manhattan’s real estate legal community. We have assisted many real estate and business clients through multiple generations of ownership. Our clients recognize our commitment to providing superior legal counsel at every stage of a real estate transaction or business dealing, and we maintain an interest in our clients’ affairs long after a deal has closed or a dispute has been settled.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With Our Team
Contact Aury Bennett Stollow, P.C., to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal needs. Call our Midtown office at 646-568-5683 or contact us via email. We can arrange evening or weekend appointments to accommodate our clients’ schedules.

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