Barbara Suskind, Esq., CFLS, Law in PLEASANT HILL, CA

In practice since 1982, Barbara Suskind has dedicated her practice in the Family Law community. She is a certified Family Law Specialist and is very active in the Family Law Section of the Contra Costa County Bar Association. Her practice specializes in the areas of Mediation, Special Master, Private Judge and Referee.

Mediation is a confidential, facilitated conversation (or series of conversations) between the parties to a dispute. The mediator will help the parties define the issues, work through them, and assist them in coming to a resolution of the issues without the necessity of court hearings.

The mediator is not a decision maker. The mediator’s job is to assure that all points of vies are heard, that negotiations remain civil, and to keep the parties focused on the relevant issues to be resolved. The parties remain the decision makers in resolving the issues.

The mediator does not represent any party. The mediator is a neutral, with no goal in mind other than to help the parties come to an agreement acceptable to both (all) parties.

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