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Bates Law Firm, LLC was established by Attorney Shatorree Bates. Ms. Bates’ legal focus on Business Law, Family Law, and Bankruptcy Law relates to her background, education and interests. Prior to becoming an attorney, Ms. Bates broad range of experience over a 15 year period has given her the insight, knowledge and wisdom necessary to competently counsel clients in these areas. Managing her own business, counseling her clients about family related issues, contributing to child rearing, teaching college level courses, volunteering at crisis intervention and community outreach centers, and offering sound financial advice to fellow entrepreneurs has added layers to the solid foundation in which she builds her law practice.

In addition to receiving a Georgia Bar license and obtaining her Juris Doctorate, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Associate of Arts degrees, Ms. Bates worked as a judicial law clerk and interned at the district attorney’s office, in juvenile court, and at a boutique law firm. She has an Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate, is a trained Guardian ad Litem, and has attended hundreds of hours of continuing legal education courses. While progressing her education and furthering her career, Ms. Bates has been repeatedly recognized for her spirit of outreach and commendable work ethic, as evidenced in her receipt of over a dozen awards and invitations to speak at, serve in, and lead multiple organizations.

As Managing Attorney and Counselor at Law at BATES LAW FIRM, LLC, Ms. Bates’ primary objective is to add measurable value to the attorneys she assists, and longstanding benefits to the clients she serves. With more than a decade of daily insight into the struggles and successes of individuals, families and businesses, she has an analytical and practical approach to problem solving with a keen eye towards the specific and unique desired outcomes of her clients. She also has an inexhaustible dedication to helping others and endeavors to surpass expectations in all matters in which she is involved.

If you are an attorney, individual, entrepreneur or business owner who needs assistance or legal counsel, contact Ms. Bates today by phone at 404.850.9191 or email at with your questions, comments and concerns. If she cannot help you, she will assist you in finding someone who can.

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Phone: 404.850.9191
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