Blair Inman & Co. CPA in Houston, Texas

Blair Inman and Company is a Houston area accounting firm dedicated to providing professional business and financial advice to companies and individuals that strive to maximize their after tax income. Our CPA firm has demonstrated professional competence by meeting the accounting and investment needs of both local and international customers that are seeking to satisfy the record keeping and report filing requirements of doing business and paying taxes in the U.S. and at the same time maximizing profits and after tax income while paying special attention to all changes in tax laws and reporting procedures. This Houston, Texas CPA firm continues to demonstrate professional competence by meeting high education and experience standards for the accounting profession, passing a rigid nationally uniform examination, and meeting state licensing and continuing education requirements. From IRS problems to foreign earned income exclusion, we’re the accounting firm you need.
Let Blair Inman and Co. (a Houston CPA firm) assist you with tax preparation and tax planning. An experienced, professional CPA will provide you with an optimal return. We specialize in expat ( foreign earned income exclusion ) returns. Our CPA firm specializes in IRS tax problems, tax liens, tax planning, tax preparation, tax return as well as foreign earned income exclusion.
Financial Services
Your Certified Public Accountant (CPA Houston) provides you and your business with a full range of financial advisory services. We will assist you in:
paying the lowest taxes possible and keeping more of what you make
investing to earn satisfactory yields
satisfying record keeping and report filing requirements
solving business problems
using financial and audit reports to make sound business decisions
achieving the maximum profit from your business venture
communicating with other professionals and government agencies
planning your estate to achieve your wishes and reduce tax costs
Financial Statements and Audits
Your Houston CPA can prepare or supervise the preparation of financial statements. Compilation, review, or audited statements can be provided according to your needs. Helping you to use the statements in managing your business and increasing your profitability is an important aspect of a CPA’s service to you.
Financial and Estate Planning
Your Houston CPA is your financial consultant, working with you to increase your net worth, then planning with you to minimize estate taxes. A total program including an analysis of net worth, investment review, family gifting, trusts, retirement planning, and family business transfers, is available to assist you in maximizing benefits for you and your heirs.
1155 Dairy Ashford, Suite 103
Houston, Texas 77079
Phone: 281-870-9991
Fax: 281-870-9969
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