Blayer & Associates CPA P.C., CPA in Chicago, IL

An experienced Chicago CPA firm – experience with a national public accounting firm, in private industry in various accounting and financial positions. Our broad experience in accounting and taxation allows us to understand businesses from the inside and outside.
An extensive track record of successfully helping small business clients with their accounting, income taxes and systems For the small business owner, the establishment of good systems and procedures is important for many reasons: compliance with tax law, safeguarding of assets, knowing your financial position, and having the timely information you need to do planning. Yet small business owners face running their businesses without the in-house technical accounting expertise that larger companies have. We can overcome these problems by setting up an accounting system that allows you to do internally the level of bookkeeping and accounting that you want to do, according to your comfort level. We then handle it from that point.
Experience in saving clients money – We can help you keep more of what you earn by showing you how to take advantage of the income tax benefits of retirement plans and by doing effective tax planning.
1132 W George Street
Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: (773) 281-1763
Fax: (773) 913-6441

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