Blummer, CPA in Houston, TX

To provide traditional and innovative accounting services of exceptional value and superior quality to those we serve in a way that:
Recognizes the client as our most important asset.
Fulfills the highest standards of our profession, our clients and the public and continually strives to set and uphold the highest ethical standards.
Fosters a partnership with our team enabling them to reach and contribute to their full potential.
Ensures healthy, sustained and mutually profitable growth,
Provides rewards to our team members for their effort, excellence and innovation,
So that we enable all clients and team members to achieve their goals and thereby serve society.
The Public Accounting Offices of William E Blummer, CPA can provide assistance with all your tax, financial, and business matters.
Our goal is to provide assistance that will let you live a successful life.
View our website. You will discover that we offer many services, information, alerts, and guidance tailored to your future success.
You would be surprised the problems we have deal with over the years. We are very capable of providing the business, financial and tax help that your particular circumstances require.
Your are welcome to drop by our offices any time you are in the area. Unfortunately, the term “area” is “The Galleria” area of Houston, Texas. So for those in Nome, Alaska, Yuma, Arizona and the rest of the United States, our apologies.
I have a fresh pot of coffee at my side and I am waiting for you to contact us at any time.
William E Blummer, CPA
“I was receiving financial data that wasn’t helping me make decisions. And I never was sure of the accuracy of it. We’re a job shop. We fabricate granite and other countertop surfaces, and then install them for the builder, commercial and residential market. William installed a QuickBooks based job costing system that within a month was providing us with per job profitability data for over 140 countertop installs per month. Additionally, he started helping my staff close our month by the 10th of the following month, thereby providing me with timely, relevant, and accurate financial information.”
M Silverstein, Owner, Surface Technology Pros, Inc.
PH: 713-623-2113

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