Bott Tax & Accounting, CPA in Baltimore, MD

Who we are
Bott Tax & Accounting’s office is located in the growing White Marsh region. Now, with development in the area growing at a blistering pace, we have established a strategic location convenient to a generous portion of the Baltimore metropolitan area. We have not limited ourselves to this customer base however, since we enjoy serving the needs of several businesses as far south as Florida. Additionally, we manage transient clients who travel throughout the United States. Our commitment to them remains in large part due to their confidence in our ability to meet their needs.
Our Mission…
is to help you define your goals and then assist you in obtaining them.
Our objective is to analyze these goals and then implement strategies to obtain them, and most important of all, to measure and redefine the goals as time progresses and situations change. In doing so we will develop and implement various strategies including: tax planning, formalization of business and personal plans, and act as board members to assist in decision making.
7939 Honeygo Blvd., Suite 111
Baltimore, Maryland 21236
Tel: 410-931-6390
Fax: 410-931-2903

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