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I began Bridges Medical Clinic after searching for many years for a solution to my excessive underarm sweating. Since high school I had suffered from hyperhidrosis and been through all the difficulties associated with it. I learned how to raise my hand without my underarms showing, what types and color or clothes to wear, how to act in social and business interactions so as not to show any wetness under my arms.

All of the remedies that I tried didn’t work. The over-the counter ones like Mitchem, Certain Dry and Maxim were a joke. Prescription ones such as Drysol burned despite adding topical steroid cream to it to try and prevent this. It also did not help much with the sweating.

In 1999 I heard about Botox for hyperhidrosis and had it injected. Within 24 hours I was dry for the first time in years. I was not sweating driving down the street, speaking before people or any other situation that I was in! I decided to begin Bridges to help other people with the same problem. The injection of Botox works with sweating of the hands and feet. In my research I also found that Botox works to prevent and control migraines and was trained how to do this and offer it as well.

Please click on the appropriate sections above to learn more about these exciting areas. Bridges Medical Clinic specializes in injecting Botox ONLY for excessive sweating and migraines. We do not inject for wrinkles, perform other procedures or offer creams or lotions. This is all we do.

We are in contact with Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, on a constant basis to keep up with the latest in these areas and consult with them about different ways to use Botox for these specific areas.

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Danville, CA 94526
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