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ClickGUARD is a US-based startup operating in a domain where ad tech meets cybersecurity. Our SaaS helps Google Ads advertisers protect their investment and maximize their ROI by detecting and removing wasteful ad traffic from their advertising campaigns. We’ve built the absolute best solution for a significant problem for PPC advertisers and we need your help taking it to the next level.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Clickguard makes PPC ads safe again.
“At base, this app does a great job at protection from fraud click activities on your pay per click google campaigns and what’s even better is the fact that it doesn’t need much monitoring and the results will show of how much money you save. A small thing I’ve noticed though is that it works best on a higher click volume but that shows me that it’s able to handle large amounts of incoming clicks. This is a very useful software to have if you or your company happens to be doing PPC ad campaigns and you would like to get protection from click fraud and click robots. Always use Clickguard while running ads. This is a great resource to have for any type of business.” – Mica, USA

This app is very effective
Firstly, It only takes a few minutes for Clickguard to be integrated into your Google ads platform. The app has made it also very easy to take back control of your ads. I was pretty tired of running my PPC ads blind. I thought I had to accept the fact that anonymous clicks would eat up a portion of my budget. Clickguard is a God sent, they gave me hope and peace of mind to know that my ads were being protected and every click is monitored. My conversions have never looked better and they are actually being converted to sales. – Irena, Serbia

Best support and expertise
“Clickguard is the best app to detect and block empty clicks. This is an app this is a must for your business when you decide to run PPC ads. Clickguard is the real deal in my eyes and It delivers on all that it advertises. This app was a big part of what helped us to dominate and continue to lead in our market and not only is this a great app but the type of support I get from them is outstanding. For an app like this which might seem a little complicated, the support team is always there to assist you in any way possible. The very best in its category.” – Vicky, Greece

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About ClickGUARD: Over the last 4 years, we’ve seen consistent growth, as we look to accelerate that growth by expanding our team, we’re looking for real go-getters who can live by our values and help us bring the best of us to our customers. We’re a remote-first company with a close-knit team that’s figured out how to onboard employees the right way and build an awesome team spirit even when spread out across the globe. So come take a look, and maybe join us. We focus on talent rather than location to hire the very best person for every role. Open communication is vital, and we use the best tools to collaborate efficiently. ClickGUARD is a remote-first company where everyone has the autonomy to create their best work. We offer carefully considered benefits and hold regular team and company-wide meetings, and once-yearly in-person off-sites, to encourage collaboration and interaction between teams.

Ralph Perrier, Founder & CEO


+1 650-528-2500

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United States

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