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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

If you do enough real estate transactions in the Greater Houston area, then you are going to run into legal issues. It is just a natural course of business. A skilled attorney can protect your interests and help make each transaction as smooth as possible.

There are very few investments that have as many benefits as investing in real estate for long term value. Buy, hold, rent is very popular in Houston for two reasons:

Long-term capital gains
Booming and consistent job market = steady supply of renters.
The more properties you accumulate, the more personalities you will have to work with. Some tenants will be fair dealing, some will not. It’s a natural part of business. If you run into some landlord-tenant issues, then you will want to have an experienced legal advisor on your side.

Property Owners
Owning land in Texas means you have State, Federal, and Local ordinances to comply with. Not to mention the environment laws that you may be unaware of. It’s not uncommon for clients to run afoul of these laws and statutes without even knowing it. Our law firm can help you navigate these issues safely and minimize any effects on your business when possible.

Mineral Interest and Royalties
The Texas oil and natural gas scene is still booming. Many clients call us with lease negotiation issues, underpayment issues, and other oil and gas due diligence concerns. We can help with all of it.

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