Elias CPA Group, CPA in Canfield, OH

There are millions of CPA accountants who do a great job of crunching numbers and completing tax returns. However, not all accountants are great consultants. Our clients choose us because we provide consulting and strategic planning services on a monthly basis. We take the time to sit with our clients to understand their business needs and make recommendations accordingly. Many accountants take the approach of “No news is good news” from their clients. They respond and react to their clients when the need arises. That may be ok for some businesses, but for growing businesses, an accounting consultant’s absence may be very costly.
Most small to medium sized business owners are too engaged on a day-to-day basis to be able to tend to financial issues such as cash flow projections, forecasting, and financial analysis. Elias CPA Group provides management consulting and strategic planning services to our corporate and small business clients. Our services are customized to meet your individual needs and provide you with the convenience of working with one firm. We help businesses maximize the fruits of their hard labor by helping them navigate management challenges, financial management issues, strategic planning, benchmarking, business building and cost reduction programs.
Elias CPA Group gives you in-depth insight into your business. With a thorough understanding of your financial statements, you can quickly identify the areas of your business that most require attention, and provide the most opportunity for growth. Our interviewing process identifies the specific financial information you need in order to manage your business effectively. We can then tailor your accounting system to include this information in your financial statement package.
3722 Starr Centre Drive
Canfield, OH 44406
Phone: 330.533.1179
Fax: 330.533.0737
Email: info@eliascpagroup.com
Website: https://eliascpagroup.com/

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