Forney Construction, General Contractors in Houston, TX

Pro Bono Work
At our origins, Forney was started as a Partnership for our owner, Tom, to work Pro Bono for causes he is passionate about. This tradition has lived on through many of our employees today who support causes with not only their treasure, but their talent.

In-Kind Giving
At our Long Point Headquarters in Spring Branch, we donate in-kind office spaces amazing organizations such as Newspring Art Studio and Young Life Ministries.

Pay-It-Forward Program
Our Pay-It-Forward program is Forney’s commitment to our employees to foster a culture of SERVICE. Each employee is given three extra days of paid-time-off to volunteer at the non-profit organization of their choice and a stipend to donate to a cause they are passionate about.

Contact Us:
8945 Long Point Road
Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77055
Phone: 713.224.1900

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