Guerra Days Law Group, Real Estate Lawyers in Houston, TX

Guerra Days Law Group is a Houston based Texas wide full-service law firm that can handle all your legal real estate needs. Whether you are looking for a simple and immediate deed transfer or an attorney to assist you with a multi-million dollar real estate lawsuit call us now and allow our staff to give you a free consultation!

The legal industry is infamous for lack of accessibility. If you have reached out to more than one attorney, you may have already experienced this. Often times law firms won’t even return your calls. It’s important to retain an attorney that is not only accessible, but also willing to take the time to address your questions and concerns in a thorough and professional manner. You should be able to trust that you can call your attorney’s office and promptly get the answers you need. Guerra Days Law Group strives to give each client the time and attention they deserve.

Real estate matters can be incredibly complex and technical. Because each case is unique, it’s imperative to retain a real estate attorney with the experience to obtain the results you seek. Real estate law is constantly changing, and if you don’t have an attorney that practices it on a daily basis, you are at risk of receiving inadequate representation.

It’s only natural to want to know your attorney’s experience, so it’s important to ask the right questions. During your initial consultation, you should have the following questions in mind: how many current cases the law firm is actively handling; whether the firm handles both litigation and transactional matters; whether they practice at the appellate level; and whether they can provide you with a roadmap of the process to address your matter. A competent attorney should be able to answer these questions comfortably and confidently.

Due to the broad nature of real estate law, Guerra Days Law Group attorneys are experienced in all facets of real estate law. Litigation matters in real estate occur in a variety of different courts, such as: bankruptcy, probate, JP, county, district, and federal. Being able to navigate through each court system should be a determining factor on who you should choose to retain as your legal counsel. Even if your matter requires switching courts to gain an advantage, Guerra Days attorneys’ objective remains the same: to formulate legal strategy that takes each court system and its respective rules into consideration to provide the best representation.

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