Hoover & Associates, Inc., CPA in Colorado Springs, CO

We are a small, local CPA firm offering tax, accounting, and consulting services for individuals, small businesses, estate & trusts, and small non-profit organizations. Under the name Hoover & Associates, we have been serving the Colorado Springs area since 1996. The owners and principals of the firm have been serving the Colorado Springs area as CPA’s for over 35 years.
Why choose us over other larger firms in town or national tax preparers such as H&R Block? The answer is: close personal service. We focus on building relationships with our clients and on getting to know them and their accounting & tax situations well. We can, therefore, recommend opportunities and advice other firms, that do not know you as well, might overlook.
The comfort of knowing you will have one-on-one attention and can always talk with someone who knows you and the details of your situation is invaluable. With us, you have year round support services. Whether it is an IRS audit, bookkeeping issues, budget concerns, cash flow questions, etc., we are always here to help. Furthermore, those services will be provided by someone who knows you well and is familiar with your situation. The result: professional, accurate advice from someone you trust.
4045 Nonchalant Circle South
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
(719) 597-4646
Email: bhcpa@bohall-hoover.com
Website: http://www.bohall-hoover.com/

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