John E. Baines, CPA in Denton, TX

The Accountants at John E. Baines, CPA know what to do when the IRS comes calling! We will get your tax documents and files organized and records in place to insure you are prepared in the event of an audit. We will also make sure that you are not one of the millions of American’s who overpay Federal Income Tax each year.
John E. Baines, MBA, CPA
John graduated from the University of Houston in 1977 with a degree in business, and later graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1981 with a MBA in accounting business management and systems design. John’s extensive work experience is highlighted by over 10 years with fortune 100 Companies where his responsibilities involved companies ranging from $350 million to $6 billion in assets and holdings. He obtained his CPA certification in 1983. He currently resides in Denton, Texas with his wife Tracey, two children and four grandchildren. He began his thriving practice in Denton in 1986. He is a community leader and donates most of his free time to charitable organizations. His volunteer efforts are within the City of Denton, the DFW Metroplex and at the State level.
604 S Elm St, Denton TX 76201
Phone: 940-565-9015
Fax: 940-382-9695
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