John Merges, CPA in Hopkins, MN

I have been working for thirty years learning to understand, and then create positive development in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and also with their families. Currently my work focuses on six professional interest areas:
Clinical Services — Individual and Family Therapy
Training and Consultation with Minnesota School Districts
Community Based Social Interaction/Social Enjoyment Groups for young people with ASD from 11 years old through 27 years old
Assisting Professionals and Parents around the World Create and Maintain Social Enjoyment Groups
Working with Parents and Other Organizations to Assist Young Adults with ASD become Successfully Employed
Working with the Search Institute to Create Data Collections Systems to Document the Development of Skills in Group Participants
Kelly Merges
Kelly has been working with ASD young people and co-leading groups since junior high, when she began as a volunteer. Currently, she is the only FunJoyment group leader – except for John – who has experience leading school groups for any age (kindergarten through Transition Age), and leading every kind of community-based group. Together with Michael, Kelly designed and implemented the Saturday Extension Groups, which allow experienced FunJoyment participants to partner in challenging, focused strategic games.
Phone: 612 716 9470

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