Jones, Little & CO., CPA'S, LLP, East Islip, NY

Here at Jones, Little, & Co., CPA’s, LLP, we believe in people. We believe in the people who have crazy schedules, the people who have to fit running a business and taking care of things at home too into one day, every day, and most of all, we believe in the people who work hard. Why? Because we are those people too, and we want you to know that we get it and we have your back. We aren’t just your accountants; we are your advisors, your collaborators, and your friends.
Our professional and knowledgeable staff with years of accounting experience give us the ability to serve our clients with excellence in all facets of the accounting world. Accurate bookkeeping and accounting is extremely important because it supplies an objective picture of your financial success and is crucial for tax and legal purposes, so it is imperative that these matters are handled with precision and care in the most efficient way. We have made a commitment to ourselves and our clients to provide exceptional services in a manner that has proven to be both efficient and cost-effective. We also incorporate the latest timesaving technology at the forefront of our business services to ensure that all your needs are met promptly.
86 West Main Street
East Islip, NY 11730

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