Jorge Ramirez CPA, P.A., CPA in Fort Lauderdale, FL

South Florida is the best place in the world to live; as a native of the region, I know this first hand. In fact, my only extended absence from the area was a six month tour of duty to Iraq and Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Shield with a local Army Reserve helicopter ambulance unit. That is why after graduating from Florida International University I chose to establish my professional career here.
I was fortunate to gain experience working with Coopers & Lybrand, LLP, (currently PricewaterhouseCoopers) one of the Big 4 public accounting firms, here in their Miami/Fort Lauderdale office. During my five year tenure with the firm I gained a wealth of experience in the areas of accounting, auditing, tax preparation, and business advisory services while serving clients in many different industries including banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, real estate, hospitality, and the services sector. I regularly draw from this experience now as an Independent CPA.
International Business Acumen
During my time with Coopers & Lybrand, LLP I was regularly selected to travel to South and Central America to interface with clients due to the fact that I am both an English and Spanish speaking CPA. . While abroad, I provided tax, accounting, and auditing services to U.S. owned subsidiaries in the region. This experience provided me with a very keen understanding of the intricacies of handling taxation and accounting matters in the countries I visited and I have sought to retain and enhance this knowledge ever since.
As one of the few Hispanic and bilingual CPAs in Broward County, and given my broad insight into the complex tax laws faced by companies doing business in Latin America, I have established a niche serving Hispanic owned businesses and other businesses with financial concerns in those regions.
Financial Management Services
My firm, Jorge Ramirez, CPA, PA can help you maximize your business’ profits by reducing discretionary expenditures and fixed overhead costs by making adjustments to your overall cost structure. The biggest threat to your business today is not losing money, but exhausting your liquid assets. The overall goal of my practice is to see small businesses in the Miami – Fort Lauderdale area thrive by helping owners navigate the increasingly complex sea of business rules and regulations, thereby enabling them to build wealth.
If you are starting a new business, I will assist you in determining the ideal entity for your enterprise. Whether you are pursuing a C-Corporation, S-Corporation or Limited Liability Company entity. I can usually get you incorporated within 24 hours. I will also obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS and register you to collect and remit Sales Tax in Florida (if needed). In addition, I will assist you in evaluating financing options and I can work with your lenders to get you the funding you need to grow your business in an efficient and effective manner.
Regardless of your financial situation, you need an experienced financial and tax advisor that brings to the table knowledge of the best practices employed by the “Big 4” public accounting firms and is well versed in matters pertaining to the local South Florida economy. I offer these advantages at a small firm rate.
By outsourcing your accounting, payroll and tax considerations to my firm, you can instead focus your attention on acquiring and retaining customers and providing the exceptional service you are no doubt known for.
Jorge Ramirez, CPA, P.C. is dedicated to helping small businesses and high net-worth individuals in the Miami- Fort Lauderdale area achieve long-term financial stability through proactive financial services, such as:
• Financial planning
• Accounting
• Tax planning and preparation
• Comprehensive payroll services
• IRS problem resolution
• Business consulting
Jorge Ramirez, is one of the few Broward County CPAs who is fluent in both English and Spanish, and has experience in assisting businesses with holdings in Latin America. Mr. Ramirez understands the accounting complexities of conducting international business and can help business owners understand the nuances of dealing with both U.S. and foreign tax codes.
We invite you to visit our office, which is conveniently located in the Port Royale Financial Center on Federal Highway in the northern end of Fort Lauderdale. Our Fort Lauderdale CPA Jorge Ramirez will spend the time with you, learning your financial goals to create a custom roadmap for your continued success.
If you are a Broward County business or high net-worth individual, we want to help you to grow and thrive. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today.
3020 Northeast 32nd Ave, Suite 303
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33808
Phone: (954)463-0829

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