Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C., CPA in Stamford, CT

Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. is a full service certified public accounting firm based in Stamford, Connecticut.
The firm originated in 1944 as Steiger & Steiger, which merged with Robert B. Kahan & Company in 1973. The resulting firm, Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C., gives our clients the benefit of our nearly half century of accounting and business expertise. We have, over this time, developed the range of capabilities necessary to meet the increasingly complex domestic and international needs of our business and individual clients.
Because we recognize that planning and projection are key to the achievement of financial objectives, we work hard to develop ongoing working relationships with our clients. We also anticipate and closely follow legislative, economic, and business trends. Therefore, in addition to providing traditional accounting services, we stand ready to advise you of opportunities where changes in business strategies, or management of personal finances, may be advantageous.
Clients of Kahan Steiger & Company, P.C. have found our staff to be not only accounting professionals, but experienced, thoroughly trained business professionals.
A partner is assigned to every client; one or more accounting professionals may also assist you, depending upon the extent of your needs. All individuals involved are aware of your account history, current requirements, and financial objectives. You can be assured of thorough and timely responses to your inquiries, as well as initiative on our part in bringing to your attention opportunities as well as situations which we feel warrant further review.
Members of our professional staff are generally hired directly from college. Their training is managed internally, affording them involvement with a wide variety of financial situations, and a broad-based exposure to many business lines. In addition, training is not limited to the education of newer members of our firm; throughout their careers partners and staff members participate in continuing professional education. This education, combined with our staff’s longevity and broad experience, makes us better able to assist you as your business grows and changes, or as your personal financial situation demands more sophisticated solutions.
Our accounting professionals are active members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, as well as The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants, and The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. Through these organizations, we work to support high standards for members of our industry, and participate in and promote continuing professional development.
In addition to providing you with the services you require, we pride ourselves in our flexibility in working with you. We recognize that you may not always be available to attend to financial matters during traditional business hours. We therefore make ourselves available at times and places most convenient to you, whether for a consultation, or in longer term working solutions.
1100 Summer Street,
Stamford, CT 06905-0227
Phone: 203 327-5717
fax: 203 967-9483
Email: cpa@kahansteiger.com
Website: http://kahansteiger.com/

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