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In a city known for setting paradigms, Katine & Nechman L.L.P. strives to be a boundary-breaking firm. Katine & Nechman brings together the diverse talents and storied reputations of its founding partners, Mitchell Katine and John Nechman; the skill and dedication of a seasoned staff; an effective, efficient, and fearless approach to accomplishing the needs of its clients; the personal touch of a boutique firm coupled with the array of services and access one would expect of a large firm; and a commitment to and understanding of the vibrant city of Houston and its diverse population.

Katine & Nechman: A Proud Houston Firm
Though Katine & Nechman handles matters throughout the state of Texas and the United States and its clients hail from nearly every part of the globe, the firm’s primary focus is on Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city and world energy capital. Houston is a microcosm of the world, and Katine & Nechman has found that offering services geared to the needs of this complex city better enables the firm to handle the needs of an increasingly international client base. Understanding our mission calls for an understanding of our remarkable home of Houston.

Katine & Nechman’s Real Estate Practice: Bringing Order to Houston’s DisorderA unique characteristic of Houston is that it is the largest and only major city in the United States without zoning laws. Most of its neighborhoods are governed by homeowner associations and often complex deed restrictions. Real estate acquisitions, including major commercial land purchases, call for the expertise of attorneys well-versed in the unique system of rules and regulations that affect Houston and much of the Texas Gulf Coast. Over his career, Mitchell Katine has established a reputation as an exceptional attorney on real estate matters, particularly in homeowner association law. He represents major homeowner associations as well as individuals in disputes with associations. His experience as a former Commissioner with the Texas
Real Estate Commission and the invaluable connections he has made over his career position him and Katine & Nechman well in handling the real estate needs of Houston and those looking to establish businesses or homes in the Houston area.

An Immigration Firm for All Houstonians
The population of Houston is one of the most diverse in the world, and the city’s reputation as a new international center of commerce grows daily. More than 1 in every 4 Houstonians was born outside of the United States, over 160 languages are spoken in the homes of the children of the Houston Independent School District, and the third largest consular core in America calls the Bayou City home. The Latino population is now the majority in Houston and is itself comprised of sizable communities from all parts of the Latin American world. John Nechman has championed immigrant rights since his first days as an attorney. An immigrant himself (born in Korea), he speaks fluent Spanish, and he often travels internationally on business and to do presentations, discovering opportunities for Americans looking to operate abroad and foreign entities seeking opportunities in the U.S. For example, in
China’s economic powerhouse metropolis of Shenzhen, Houston’s sister city, Katine & Nechman works with one of the most prestigious firms in China to assist the needs of American clients. The firm is proud of its growing role as a leader in the fight to better the lives of the immigrant communities of Houston and all of America and helping Houston and non-Houston businesses navigate the bewildering maze of immigration-related rules and regulations.

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