Katz & Matz, PC, Real Estate Lawyers in New York, NY

At Katz and Matz, PC, your real estate transaction is more than just a file on our desk. As residents of New York City and Long Island, we do more than just ensure that your legal rights are represented and protected — we KNOW the Regions, KNOW the Neighborhoods and most importantly, KNOW the market. We become personally involved in all aspects of your transaction, whether buying or selling. We pride ourselves in working quickly, yet thoroughly, always keeping the client informed, and making ourselves accessible.

Since 1994, Katz and Matz, PC has been an industry leader in assisting newcomers to New York, as well as lifelong residents and international clients, with purchasing or selling their homes. Our team is uniquely positioned to make your transaction as seamless and as stress-free as possible, in what is often called the most volatile and frenetic Real Estate Market in the world. The attorneys at Katz and Matz, PC are exclusively dedicated to the practice of Real Estate Law — this is not one of many areas in which we practice — THIS is what we do. Our years of experience have enabled us to form hundreds of connections with other Real Estate Professionals…..Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Professionals, Home Inspectors and Tax Specialists…..to offer you all comprehensive services for your transaction. Our firm also represents prestigious lending institutions in the acquisition of mortgages.

1350 Avenue of the Americas,
3rd Floor, New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.244.4630
Website: https://www.katzmatz.net

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