Kessler Orlean Silver & Company, P.C., CPA in Deerfield, IL

Jeff Arnol, Alan Kalfen, Brad Greenberg, Geoff Harlow, Scott Elesh, Steve Kessler and Ben Darcy
With an over 80 year-history, the mid-sized accounting firm of Kessler Orlean Silver & Co., P.C., provides innovative accounting solutions to business owners, executives and managers, private investors, and professionals.
Our down-to-earth style and insightful experience come from a long-time culture of helping people and feeling passionate about doing so!
What Sets Us Apart
We care. Pure and simple.
‘Above and beyond’ dedication to client service is our highest priority. Clients tell us they appreciate our accessibility and committed service. We believe it’s essential that you receive our close personal attention with prompt answers and thoughtful ideas.
No situation is too tough or too routine. Every challenge is viewed with a fresh eye and resolved with a creative solution.
By placing our service standards front and center in the way we conduct business, you can expect to receive extraordinary quality service while we help you improve your business or personal financials.
Exceeding Geographic Boundaries
We are a true Chicagoland firm serving mostly Chicago-area businesses. But today even a hometown business can have ‘worldly’ needs.
When faced with out-of-state or foreign tax, accounting, or legal issues, we are just a phone call away. Many of our clients operate in multiple states and are based outside of Illinois. And many of our business and personal clients tap into our ability to provide accounting expertise to virtually any global location.
1101 Lake Cook Road
Suite C
Deerfield, Illinois 60015-5233
847.580.4100 (phone)
847.580.4199 (fax)

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