Kinzey & Arndt, CPA in Springfield, MO

We pride ourselves on saving our clients money and making sure their business is sound and on track to meet their personal goals. Our clients are busy people and count on us to understand tax law, keep them out of trouble with the IRS and maximize their profits. We believe the more we understand about tax law, the less you pay in taxes.
Every one of our clients has unique needs and we enjoy the process of first understanding those needs and then meeting them. This might include giving advice, suggesting changes in software, timing decisions and many more possibilities. Whatever it takes, we are here to help you succeed.
Your business has to be agile. Your clients expect you to provide them with superior service. You should expect the same from your CPA.
Our clients are our top priority and it shows. We understand that when you get home on Friday and find an IRS letter in your mailbox you can’t wait until Monday to understand what it means. That’s why we give our clients support after hours and on weekends. Come find out what superior service feels like…make the switch to Kinzey & Arndt.
Scott Kinzey, CPA
department. Although this move was questioned by my Tax department peers, it turned out to be prudent since I moved to Springfield, Missouri less than two years later. Practicing in a smaller city like Springfield requires knowledge not only in taxation but also in accounting services.
The move from Phoenix to Missouri was a result of a trip we made to visit the Springfield/Branson area in the summer of 1986. I loved the Ozarks and made a few phone calls to interview with local CPA firms. I accepted a job offer and we relocated within two months.
After working as a CPA for a local firm and eventually as a partner, I started my own practice in 1998. For many years I was a sole practioner until Theresa Arndt CPA became a partner in 2010. Every day I am delighted with that decision as together we are better able to support the needs of our clients. We both enjoy leveraging new technology since it benefits both our staff and our clients.
Recently, all this technology has allowed me to relocate to Sedona, AZ for my wife Pam’s health. Thanks to all our paperless advances the team can work no differently than if we were across town and the office presence in Springfield gives me a place for clients to drop off and pick up papers. Clients can still communicate with me face to face via Skype or FaceTime to talk about their concerns…or even just to say hello and catch up. They can also stop by and have teleconferences with me from our offices if they dont have the necessary equipment at their business. It’s working great!
2925 E Battlefield Road
Suite 225-A
Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: (417) 882-9000
Fax: (417) 882-9003 (FAX)

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