Kirkpatrick Utgaard & Perry, CPA in Colfax, WA

In September of 1952, Harold D. Kirkpatrick and S.M. (Lee) Utgaard formed a partnership, which established the firm of Kirkpatrick & Utgaard. The office was located in Colfax, Washington in the Old National Bank building, which is now U.S. Bank. The staff consisted of Harold, Lee and a full time secretary. During tax season, they would hire a typist. In 1956, a new secretary, Maxine Hodge, and the first staff accountant, were hired. Maxine eventually became the office manager and was with the firm until June of 1998 when she retired after forty-two years of service to the firm.
When a second staff accountant was hired in 1957, office space became limited, so the firm relocated to the Whitman County Growers Building (PNW) at 109 E. Wall in December of 1959. The business continued to grow and by 1960, employed three support staff and five accountants. John W. Perry joined the firm in 1970 and became a partner with the firm in June of 1973. His name was added to the firm’s and it became known as Kirkpatrick, Utgaard & Perry, P.S., by which it is still known today. Larry L. Zimmerman joined the staff as an accountant in November of 1974 and a principal with the firm in August of 1976.
After many long working days, Harold D. Kirkpatrick decided to retire as of August of 1976. He continued to help out during tax season for another eight years.
S.M. (Lee) Utgaard retired in August of 1984 but, continued to help out during tax season for the next five years. Robert L. Biagi, who had joined the firm in 1975, became a principal in the corporation on September 1, 1984. In November of 1986, Kirkpatrick, Utgaard & Perry, P.S. moved their office to N. 223 Main Street in Colfax. The active principals at the time were John W. Perry, Larry L. Zimmerman and Robert L. Biagi.
In August of 1998, John W. Perry retired and long time staff members, Sally J. Bishop and Terry D. Eng, became principals. In June 2013, Larry L. Zimmerman retired leaving Robert L. Biagi, Sally J. Bishop and Terry D. Eng as the remaining principals.
The firm has maintaned an office in St. John, Washington since 1988 in which Larry L. Zimmerman manned it until his retirement. Robert L. Biagi took over the location and is there every Friday morning and all day Friday during tax season.
The firm’s Garfield office was established in January of 1992 by Sally J. Bishop. She is in the Garfield office every Thursday all year round.
A Pomeroy office was added to the firm in 2011. Robert L. Biagi goes two days a month. A schedule is sent out twice a year with the selected days.
The newest location added to the firm in 2010 was Rosalia. Terry D. Eng is the accountant in charge and is there every Wednesday during tax season. He will meet clients there any time of the year per appointment.
Colfax, WA, 99111

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