Kuhlman and Kratochvil, P.C., CPA in Columbus, NE

We are not a Tax Preparation Firm – Sure we prepare Tax Returns, but that’s not Who We Are…..We are your Trusted Advisor at all stages of your life! Anyone can put numbers on a form, the real service we provide is helping you determine how the day to day decisions you make will affect your tax situation this year and in the future.
We are dedicated to bringing our clients the level of expertise required to support their individual needs and to helping them reach their financial, business, and personal goals.
We build relationships with our clients that go beyond the first 4 months of the year. We do this by working with them as they make decisions throughout the year, taking into account how those decisions will affect them on their year end tax return.
We deal primarily with small commercial businesses (& their owners) and agricultural businesses/individuals. These two groups provide exciting work for our firm.
Agriculture is very prominent in our community and in both of our partners’ backgrounds. Working with farmers lets us experience this industry through year round planning and advisory services.
Working with small businesses allows us to experience a lot of different industries. It’s great to help someone take an idea or a dream and turn that into a successful business.
We believe that all of our clients should be in control of as much of their bookkeeping as they want to be, so we provide multiple cost effective QuickBooks training alternatives to our clients and their staff members. At the same time, we also realize that many of our clients don’t have someone in house to perform these functions, so we also provide payroll and bookkeeping services to our clients who want to outsource those accounting functions.
We believe in taking a very proactive approach with our clients to help make them aware of potential opportunities or pitfalls that may exist, rather than dealing with things after the fact. We believe in working with our clients’ attorneys, investment brokers, insurance agents, and other professional contacts to provide unified solutions.
3285 53rd Avenue,
Columbus, NE 68601
Ph: 402-564-0069
Fax: 402-835-4411
Email: carriek@kandkcpas.com
Website: http://www.kandkcpas.com

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