KWC Business Consultant, CPA in Richmond, VA

Having a good relationship with your accountant isn’t just about having your numbers in order. It’s more about quality; the intangibles. Things like trust and confidence. Accuracy and integrity. The type of things we’ve built our entire business around. We are trained professionals, partners in business, and trusted advisors. We have served Virginia for more than 30 years. We are KWC, and we are here to help.
KWC takes your growth seriously, professionally and personally. We work with business owners to develop and maintain their business strategy, customize their tax planning and compliance, deliver accounting assistance and provide compilation, review or audit services. We help individuals with their personalized income, gift and estate tax services and retirement planning; we’re here for you as you plan for the future. Loyalty and commitment define our relationships. Every partnership and client meeting begins with a discovery process to learn who you are, what suits your needs, and present you with realistic options to set goals and achieve success.
Regardless of your company’s size or individual needs, you have access to a depth of resources, services, and experience unique to our team. KWC is large enough to maximize capability, yet small enough to keep track of every client with personalized attention. According to a recent client survey, our size is one of our greatest strengths.
Dialogue means little without a precise, accurate eye. KWC strives for perfection, from the people we hire to the technology we employ and the services we offer. In any endeavor, you can take as many shots as you like; we know the one that hits the target is the one that counts. We don’t just bang away on calculators all day. We get to know you. We find out your goals. We aim for your dreams.
CPA – Managing Principal
Steven Biegler is the Managing Principal of KWC’s Richmond office. Steve has over forty years in the business. In that time, he has guided partners and staff through an unparalleled period of growth, diversification and profitability. In addition to his firm-wide responsibilities and practice development activities, Steve maintains client relationships with manufacturing, retail, service, construction, hospitality, telecommunications, doctors, lawyers, financial institutions, as well as companies involved in website design and e-commerce. His vast experience has turned him into a professional in negotiating acquisitions as well as formulating investment ownership structures and strategic planning. Over the years, Steve has donated his time and talent to a number of nonprofit organizations.
5911 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Tel: 804.855.1200
Fax: 804.288.4512

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