Leek & Associates, PLLC, CPA in Little Rock, AR

Our History
Leek & Associates, PLLC (L&A) was formed in 1987 as a professional association of certified public accountants whose management has these personal attributes:
• A strong desire for success based on spiritual and personal faith
• A proprietary instinct to serve our clients and ourselves with all resources available
• A sincere attitude of cooperation between all associates in the organization
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide high quality, efficient and responsive professional services to businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals principally in Arkansas.
Our Objective
Our objective, and the focus of our services, is to help our clients identify and achieve their goals. Within the public accounting profession L&A is an innovator, constantly attuned to new services that we can offer to our clients and prospective clients. We adhere to the highest standard of professional practice in the delivery of our professional services.
Our Method
L&A has implemented and trained our staff in the process of Total Quality Management (TQM). The TQM process includes these attributes:
• Understanding people’s behaviors
• Leadership principles
• Empowering concepts
• Mastering conflict
• Effective communication and feedback
• Team building concepts
From this process, we have developed a methodology of delivering our services as a team rather than as individuals. This allows us to provide each of our clients with access to the full resources of our firm.
11815 Hinson Road
Little Rock, AR 72212
Phone: 501.223.9336
Fax: 501.223.2643
Email: sleek@leekassociates.com
Website: https://www.leekassociates.com

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