Loeb & Troper LLP, CPA in New York, NY

Widely recognized for providing value to clients that extends beyond the reach of a generalist firm, Loeb & Troper has a long and demonstrated track record for helping clients navigate complicated and changing industry and regulatory landscapes.
Loeb & Troper’s expertise, experience and ongoing commitment to our niche industries is unparalleled. In today’s environment of increased scrutiny and greater accountability, working with a team specializes in your industry gives you a competitive edge. Loeb & Troper can help key players and stakeholders make better decisions, operate more efficiently and optimize the organization’s assets and reputation.
Auditing Services
By specializing in specific industries, Loeb & Troper integrates industry-specific expertise and insight into every audit engagement, bringing value that cannot be matched by a generalist firm.
Loeb & Troper’s Consulting Services are utilized by industry leaders to make critical business decisions, stay ahead of industry trends, identify opportunities, bolster governance and develop new business.
Loeb & Troper integrates tax expertise with the engagement team service, providing continuity of service and seamless workflow approach.
Gerry Adest, CPA
Gerry Adest provides a full spectrum of financial consulting services to health care providers. He has provided the financial modeling, analyses and troubleshooting from which strategic initiatives are determined and implemented. He also works closely with clients in formulating operational and cash flow forecasts and manages a wide range of financial studies.
Gerry is widely recognized as an industry expert in all facets of nursing home sales and acquisition transactions. He is instrumental in every aspect of the transaction, including valuation and identifying potential buyers. He has successfully assisted with numerous sales.
He has significant expertise in the reimbursement and financial issues of long-term care providers. Gerry is currently playing a leading role in helping long-term care providers with the transition to managed long-term care (MLTC).
Gerry has also served as a financial consultant in developing Rightsizing strategies and securing HEAL funding for some of the largest long-term care capital improvement initiatives in New York State.
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