Loveridge Hunt & Co., PLLC, CPA in Bellevue, WA

Qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds
Our people provide services for non-profit and for-profit housing developers; the banking industry; assisted living; the insurance industry; management agents of multifamily and commercial properties; and federal and state housing agencies.
A paperless office
We have embraced technology and use it to make our teams more efficient and to provide our clients with fast and convenient solutions. We maximize the use of client portals and electronic documents, saving both paper and processing time.
The continuity of engagement teams
Our approach to engagement management is to provide an engagement team which includes, at minimum, a manager or partner, a senior, and a staff auditor. Most of our engagement teams have been working on the same portfolios for 3-5 years. This results in a much more efficient audit with cost savings to our clients.
Accessibility to clients
We perform most of our services at our client locations, which allows for more efficient service and better communications. We are available to serve our clients all year, not just after year end, and we emphasize interim work (pre-year field work) which affords us the opportunity to identify issues before year end, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the engagement.
“I believe everyone has a fundamental right to affordable housing; being able to provide services that help create homes for low-income individuals and families is what drives me and this firm.”
— Craig Lisko, Member
14725 SE 36th St., Suite 401
Bellevue WA 98006
Phone: 425-453-2088
FAX: 425-646-3368

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