Jan 01, 2021. American economy, especially small businesses, have faced significant impact due to Coronavirus, and looks like it will be few months before things get back to normal. We want to help businesses across America during this slowdown and future recovery.

Therefore, we are currently offering 67% discount on our Annual Membership fee of $299 per year. So you can join as Member for just $199, and get online marketing for your business every month, for next 12 months, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, plus inputs on how you can get more leads/ inquiries for your business. It’s a limited time offer, and the Annual Membership fee will move back to $299 once the economy recovers.

If your business is owned or operated by Veterans, then we want to give further discount to help you in these tough times, and our Annual Fee for Veterans is only $99 per year, compared to the regular fee of $299 per year — that’s 67% discount, ongoing basis, for unlimited time. We really want to help veterans!

We have the experience and the team to increase your business visibility. Please see details below, and contact us for any questions. Thanks.

Hello and welcome! If your business is based anywhere in America, you can benefit from our Membership.  Our website is receiving over 50,000 visitors per month, and we may get more than a million visitors next year. In addition, our social media reach is over 10 million people, and growing. As our Member, you will have our team on your side, working to make your business successful. Please see the details below.

As a member of America Business Network, your business will get increased visibility and ongoing social media marketing every month — at a nominal annual membership fee of $199 only– but this is a limited time offer, and the membership feel will be increased to $299 per year shortly, because that’s the regular fee for our membership package.

Here’s what we will do for you as our Member!

(1) We will create a profile page for your business on our website, like:

(2) We will increase the visibility of your business in your target market, using our 12+ years experience in the Internet industry. Within 1-2 years, for many businesses like Restaurants, Florists, Dentists, Contractors, CPAs, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, etc, your profile page on may rank higher than your own website in Google and other search engines.

(3) We will share your message across social media. As a member, you can send us up to 10 posts per year (including, articles, press releases, YouTube videos). We will post them on our website ( We will add the post links on your business profile page on our website. And we will share them all on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

(4) We will do online marketing of your business – every month, 12 months a year! We will use four platforms:, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. So we will be covering all the main social media platforms, for maximum visibility. These efforts by our team will give valuable online marketing for your business, in any industry. Therefore, for only $199 Annual Membership fee, you will have our team working for your success every month, all 12 months of the year!

During 2020-2022, we aim to add 2,000 American businesses as members, which by itself will create a powerful business network that can attract customers, investors, partners and talented staff to your business. The profile pages of our Members may add this Pro logo.

Please Note: The regular Annual Membership fee of $299 is currently reduced by 33% to $199 for a limited time — to help small businesses across America in the slowdown caused by Coronavirus.

Feedback so far…

“This new service can benefit hundreds of small and mid size businesses who don’t have expertise in online marketing and social media like you.” – RB, Entrepreneur


“Simple and useful service for business growth and online marketing…should be of help to thousands of businesses across the country.” – JD, Insurance Agent


“Interesting service for social media  marketing, really affordable and worth trying.” – SG, Real Estate Broker

Let’s get started today!
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We sincerely believe that our Membership package can help your business, because of the increased visibility that will generate for your business.

Next Steps: After you order, we will contact you by email to create your business profile page. We can also speak on phone for any inputs or clarifications. You will find a reliable long term partner in us. For any questions, please contact us.
We look forward to having you on board as a member. Thanks!