NYC Pet Services, Pet Services in Astoria, NYC

Samantha Aguilar
Owner & Primary Caregiver of NYC Pet Services
Samantha, born & raised in Astoria first began working with pets at the young age of thirteen by offering dog walking services around Astoria. She later gained experience caring for all kinds of animals by working in veterinary clinics, as a vet assistant. On weekends she would volunteer at various different shelters & animal rescues where her passion caring for pets grew tenfold.. Shortly after, she started working for a well known dog hotel in the heart of Manhattan; Where she noticed that the dogs would be crated at night. She felt dogs should be free to roam around and sleep and play where they desired & pleased.. This is where her dream of opening her own cage-free pet hotel was born.
Opening NYC Pet Services in 2011 was a dream & 7 years later we continue to offer the best doggie daycare, grooming, dog walking and at-home pet sitting services in ALL Astoria.
Samantha is licensed through the state of New York with a certificate in Animal Care & Handling, as well as a degree in Business Management.

Monte – Daycare & Bath
My dog regularly comes here for half day playtimes, and sometimes he also gets baths. Yaz does a great job, and he loves being here! Very grateful to have a doggy daycare place like this in the neighborhood.

Meeko – Daycare & Boarding & Pet Taxi
I’ve been sending my Dalmatian puppy Meeko here for almost a year and she is always super happy to go (“do you want to go to daycare?!” gets many happy tail wags), is super excited to see the staff there or if we see them in our neighborhood, and is happily tired when she comes home. I know Yaz, Emosh and the staff take wonderful care of her, they are very attentive and responsive which makes me feel very confident leaving Meeko in their care. I would definitely recommend NYC Pet Services for doggy daycare!

Tucker – Daycare & Boarding & Pet Taxi
NYC Pet Services is the best! Our dog Tucker has been going there for 3 years, and he still gets excited every time we drop him off. They always take great care of him and he comes home exhausted every single time. We also use them for boarding and it’s great to know there’s a place we can take him while we’re away that keeps him safe and happy, but also wears him out!

31-21 31st Street Between 31st Ave & Broadway

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