Payroll Core, CPA in Portland, OR

Payroll Core was founded to fill a hole in the payroll services market. We like to keep things simple. More benefits at a better cost, without all the price plan or program confusion.
Since 1996, we’ve served clients all over the Northwest, namely in the Portland Metro Area and Southwest Washington, with superior service at an honest price.
Most payroll companies have so many pricing strategies that it’s impossible to know what your costs are from month to month.
If your employee changes preferences, it costs you extra.
If you need an additional copy of a report from the “archive room,” it costs you extra.
If your employee’s federal deductions change, it costs you extra. NOT with Payroll Core.
Powerful, yet easy to use Payroll application built for speed and flexibility. Enter pay data, manage pays, taxes, deductions, and direct deposits. Track changes. Run reports. Send group Emails and much more.
Manage and track your human resources related data, such as reviews, training, and certifications. HR and Payroll share a single database so changes happen in real time.
Automated time and attendance saves you money by eliminating buddy punching, input errors and labor costs. Timecard data imports into payroll and changes sync instantly with the Payroll/HR database.
1122 NE 122nd Avenue,
Suite C100
Portland, OR 97230
Phone: (800) 785-2707
Fax: (800) 785-1132

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