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Frequently Asked Questions:

(1) What information is required to create a business profile page?
Answer: There is no fixed format for a business page. You can share whatever information you want regarding your business, including photo, testimonials, Facebook page, YouTube videos, etc, and they will be posted. Please also include your contact info and address. Thanks.

(2) How long does it take to create the business profile page?
Answer: Your business page will be created within 4-5 business days, and we will email the page URL to you. We will also share it on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to increase the online visibility of your business. Thanks.

(3) If any inquiries come for my business, will you mail them to me?
Answer: Yes, of course!

(4) How can we edit the business profile page with updates, etc?
Answer: If you want to update your profile page, with new text or images, you can send us the updates by email. We can do up to 6 edits per year for each business, which is enough in most cases. Because this service is free for all American businesses, we are unable to do unlimited edits to profile page for businesses that have not joined as Members. For our Members, we can do up to 12 edits per year, and we keep improving their profile pages, to maximize the benefit from our online marketing efforts. Thanks.

Is your question not answered? We would love to answer your questions. Thanks.
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