Roasted Masala, Indian Restaurant in New York, NY

At Roasted Masala, we bring the unique flavors of Indian cuisine to NYC. As a family-owned restaurant, we strive to offer you an intimate and authentic dining experience. Roasted Masala is more than a restaurant. It is our dream come true, through which we express our family’s culinary expertise and our love for Indian cuisine.

Our menu standouts include Indian classics like beef nihari, lamb cafreal, XecXec crab curry, the baadshah platter, and much more. Our centuries-old recipes are the type of complex cooking that people usually only enjoy on special occasions, but you can sample them any day of the week.

At Roasted Masala, we offer more than just food. We combine modern ambiance, incredible customer service, and vibrant flavors. We flavor our dishes with natural ingredients, fresh spices, and aromatic herbs imported from India that are bound to awaken your tastebuds. Join us today to enjoy the best Indian cuisine in NYC. You can also order our menu items online to enjoy Roasted Masala in the comfort of your home.

Samson Severes
914 Columbus Ave,
New York, NY 10025
Phone: 917-388-3586

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