Robert Aronov & Associates, Real Estate Lawyers in Jamaica, NY

Celebrating 18 Years in Business, Robert Aronov & Associates, PC offers a magnitude of real estate legal services. Our attorneys have over 40 collective years of experience in the real estate industry. With our expertise, we guarantee you a worry free process. Our experienced attorneys will conduct a rigorous due diligence process to make sure the property you purchase is free of any liens, defects, judgements, free of any open violations. For decades, Robert has successfully guided New Yorker’s through the process of buying and selling real estate. Trust, experience and a personal approach have all contributed to Robert’s widespread reputation as a reliable and effective real estate attorney. From nearly round-the-clock availability, to thorough and patient dealings with clients.

We will work with your Mortgage Representative or Banker to make sure the closing cost is fair and if you need we will negotiate more time for you to obtain your mortgage loan. We will work with your engineer and the broker to negotiate the repairs you request to be included in your contract of sale. We will negotiate a price reduction in the event the appraisal from your bank comes in lower than your purchase price. We will also negotiate a price reduction if we find any code violations or illegal structures and will make sure the Seller ether credits you or establishes a special escrow to correct the violation after closing. We only use title underwriters that are A rated and nationally recognized.

88-02, 136th Street,
Jamaica, NY 11418
Phone: (718) 206-1555

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