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Youth is challenging, in part because young people have little control over their external environment, in part because they have few tools for managing their internal state.
Seeds of Light’s programs give young people the tools to grow greater happiness. 
Seeds of Light works with schools & other program partners to provide programming that introduces young people to mindfulness and self-care tools in a way that is engaging & easy to integrate into daily life.

Greater mindfulness helps young people to become more aware of what’s going on inside of them, including the relationship between external stimuli and their internal reactions. Self-care tools then give them the ability to do something about it. By combining this greater awareness with practical self-care tools, our programs help young people better regulate their emotions, cope more effectively with stressful or demanding situations, and respond constructively to conflict.

Our programs help young people see that they have control over their actions and reactions and, consequently, over their paths and destinies. This gives them a sense of agency over their internal state and helps them develop a strong sense of empowerment and self-worth.
Together these things improve quality of life and learning in the short-term and prepare young people for greater success in the long-term.

In 2019 we offered more than 30 individual classes, each serving an average of 8-12 children, including a free 6-week Grow Greater Happiness series in space generously donated by Railyard Apothecary in Burlington, Vermont.

We also offered three consecutive 6-week programs for young people in the Essex/Westford School District. 50% of the young people in the first round of programming signed up for the second round, and the results of our post-program parental feedback surveys have exceeded anything we could have hoped for.
Of the 80% of parents responding:
• 100% of parents said their children shared two or more mindfulness or self-care tools they’d learned with them
• 100% said they’d observed their children using two or more mindfulness or self-care tools on their own (often different tools than the ones they’d shared with their parents)
• 100% of parents said they saw their children sharing the mindfulness & self-care tools they learned in the program with friends or siblings
• 80% of parents said they’d noticed an improvement in behavior and/or a reduction in disciplinary issues
• 80% said they noticed positive improvements in mood and/or behavior in the days immediately following the program
• 100% said their children enjoyed the program, that they would recommend the program, and that they would sign their children up to do it again.

In short, our programs are doing exactly what we hoped they would. They’re giving young people the tools to grow greater happiness and inspiring them to share those tools with others…

That is the dream behind Seeds of Light…
The more seeds that are sprinkled, the more seeds will sprout, and so on and so on.

Marsya Ancker,BA, E-RYT500, Reiki Master
Founder & Executive Director
After years of observing the experiences of her clients and the consistently profound effects of the mindfulness techniques she was teaching in her healing workshops, and having worked for an educational non-profit in New York City that focuses on bringing programs to under-resourced communities, Marsya came to believe that most people are struggling with the same few things and that these struggles are often life-long battles.
Marsya realized that if young people were given a few simple, but effective, tools for emotional self-observation, self-care and mindfulness in their early years, it would have a dramatic impact not only in the moment, but also on how their lives unfold in the future.
Seeds of Light was founded to bring those tools to young people.
Marsya is a wellness, life & small business coach, yoga instructor & reiki master with a degree in Business/Economics and 20+ years of experience.
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