Spice Route, Indian Restaurant in New York, NY

Local fresh cuisine for everyone : Melange is the latest dining sensation to open in Parisppany in Morris County. We serve Indian Indo Chinese & Thai Fusion cuisine in our own distinctive style covering the whole spectrum of Asian countries.

Roshani P.
This is more of a lunch spot. If you go in the evening it sort of seems like no one is around (you’ll feel like the only ones there).
While they are a bit pricy the food and service are worth it if you order the right things! Some things on the menu are hit or miss but they will cater to your spice level and recommend something that you will like.
The Veg Mon Chow soup is amazing! It’s one of my favorite things to quickly pick up during lunch. The pick up service is fast and friendly!

353 Smith Rd
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: 973 884 4200
Website: www.spicerouteus.com/

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