Jody A. Limbacher, CPA, LLC, CPA in Annapolis, MD

This little bit of wisdom might seem pretty ironic coming from a bunch of accountants, but if you really think about it, few things in life are as true, and even fewer things can point us in a happier direction. Dollars and tax returns aside, we really understand this. Deeply, and professionally.
So, what things count the most? Well, to be completely frank, we don’t believe this is the right question to ask. To us the right question is, “What things count the most…to you?” For each and every one of our clients, this question always remains in front of us.
Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business, trying to solve some problems with your current one, or just looking for different or better service, please know that we can help. Our unique and varied experience qualifies us to serve clients that range from young people off on their first adventures to multi-million dollar companies seeking to reduce tax and accounting expense.
1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway Suite 300
Annapolis, MD, 21401
Phone: (410)349-4529