Bates Law Firm, LLC, Attorneys in Atlanta, GA

Bates Law Firm, LLC was established by Attorney Shatorree Bates. Ms. Bates’ legal focus on Business Law, Family Law, and Bankruptcy Law relates to her background, education and interests. Prior to becoming an attorney, Ms. Bates broad range of experience over a 15 year period has given her the insight, knowledge and wisdom necessary to competently counsel clients in these areas. Managing her own business, counseling her clients about family related issues, contributing to child rearing, teaching college level courses, volunteering at crisis intervention and community outreach centers, and offering sound financial advice to fellow entrepreneurs has added layers to the solid foundation in which she builds her law practice. Continue reading

Suzanne K Bartleson, P.S., Attorneys in Spokane, WA

For the best legal assistance in the Spokane, WA area, trust a reliable and experienced attorney like Suzanne K Bartleson, P.S. She has many years of experience in various areas of the legal field and will work hard to make sure that the verdict is the desired outcome for you. She has the necessary knowledge, aggressive litigation expertise and trial skillthat is critical to successfully argue and win your case. Continue reading