Larson Gross PLLC, CPA in Bellingham, WA

Brief History
Ted Larson and Dennis Gross founded our firm in 1949. They built the business based on excellence, passion, integrity, trust and proaction — values still important to us more than six decades later.
Today, we’re led by ten partners who are growing our firm with respect for where we’ve come from and a new vision for future success. Our three offices – in Bellingham, Burlington and Lynden – put us close to you, your business and the issues important to you.
No Bow Ties Allowed
We know what you may think about accountants — buttoned up, perfectly tied bow tie, stuffy, maybe a desk full of perfectly sharpened pencils. But a bow tie doesn’t make an accountant any smarter. In fact, it might be cutting off blood to the brain (we think there have been studies).
Your life and your business change quickly. That’s why we take the time to actually know you, not just run your numbers. And we know how to have a little fun while we’re at it.
We definitely take our work seriously, just not ourselves.
Unique Relationships from a Unique Firm
We get to know you when our children play on the same soccer team, when we run into you at the grocery store or when we see you at the local café after church on Sundays. Our clients choose us because they know us as friends and neighbors; people who are just as committed to the long-term health and vitality of the community as they are.
We focus on serving private and closely held businesses and their owners. Many of our clients are family businesses that we are now assisting in their second or third generations of ownership. It’s extremely rewarding to stand beside a business and watch it grow along with its owners.
While our technical acumen may open the door to serving you, it’s our commitment to listening, understanding and anticipating that we believe will keep you coming back.
There’s Todd, the former collegiate basketball player. Adrienne, the ivory key tickler. Justin, the bear hunter. And several dozen more people who come together to form Larson Gross.
We’re individuals who bring our unique experiences, professional backgrounds and skills to work every day. It’s our dedication to working collaboratively that allows us to provide the highest level of technical assistance and professional advice to our clients.
We invite you to explore who we are and look forward to the chance to get to know you and what makes you unique.
2211 Rimland Dr., Suite 422,
Bellingham, WA 98226
PH: 360 734 4280
FAX: 360 734 4893

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