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Brian met Kathy on the first day of Babson College’s freshman orientation and they’ve been inseparable ever since. As a team they possess the perfect combination of entrepreneurial passion, financial expertise and management excellence. In 1999 they formed CPA Site Solutions with the mission of helping accountants take advantage of the growing opportunities on the Internet. Since then, CPA Site Solutions has helped thousands of accounting firms reach their potential through our innovative web-based products.
Brian O’Connell
I have always wanted to own my own business. So CPA Site Solutions is my dream come true.
As a teenager I read Inc. Magazine instead of Sports Illustrated. I preferred books such as “In Search of Excellence” to those assigned by English teachers.
When it came time to apply to colleges, I applied to only one… Babson College. At the time, US News and World Report rated Babson the #1 College for Entrepreneurial Studies. I was so convinced that it was the only college right for me that I decided I would either go there or start my own business, at 18. Fortunately, I was accepted.
On the first day of freshman orientation, I met the love of my life, Kathy, and we have been together ever since. She has always been a good influence on me. She kept me in-line all through college and she is still keeping me in-line today.
Like many new graduates, I thought I was the smartest business person in the world. I was excited to be partnering with my stepfather in developing a Real Estate Trade Journal in the Boston area. After 18 months of losing money, striking out with advertisers, and struggling to build our readership, we closed the business.
I was emotionally crushed. I began to doubt my business savvy and I decided to try working for someone else. That was an even bigger mistake. I ended up getting fired as a Telephone Equipment Salesman after only 3 weeks.
By then, I was totally humbled, I decided to attend a “Self-Improvement” seminar run by Tony Robbins. After a long weekend of getting my brain washed – I mean totally scrubbed, I became convinced that the secret to business success was Constant and Never-ending Improvement. What Tony calls CANI.
Excited about this new secret to success, I talked my stepfather into trying another venture. Luckily, my stepfather – a chronic entrepreneur – always had a new business idea in the waiting.
“Truly wonderful knowledge and service. So easy to communicate with everybody. They are so good, it is like they are reading my mind…”
-Dezeri Royce,
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