Philip Beckett, CPA in Gloversville, NY

Our firm is committed to providing customized, cost effective services to families, individuals, businesses and not for profit organizations, and has been doing so since 1976. Our mission is to provide the most timely, effective accounting and financial data necessary for you to be successful in your endeavors.As an independent Certified Public Accounting firm, we can help you solve your problems and realize your goals and potential, through a wide range of personalized accounting, audit, tax and custom services designed especially for you.We have been trained in the traditional accounting disciplines as well in common sense approaches to solving business problems, and can get to know you and your goals, understand your organization on a personal basis, and coordinate a comprehensive program of responsive service. Through experience in serving individuals and organizations similar to yours, availability when you need it, and an interest in the success of your business, we can help you reach your goals, in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Entrepreneurs are by nature innovative.
They are constantly searching for ways to streamline their operations, expand their market share, and branch out into new areas. Their accountants should be just as innovative. Our training and experience can assist you through our availability to identify and apply the various alternative opportunities for you benefit. In addition to our membership in State and National societies, we are constantly upgrading our skills through continuing professional education. Our membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Peer Review Program demonstrates our commitment to the highest of professional standards. We have entered into technical advisory programs with computerized accounting software firms, such as Quickbooks and Peachtree. Please contact us to find out which of these services can help you to improve your organization. We look forward to working with you, your attorney and other professionals to help you achieve your goals.
Philip Becket
A native of Albany, New York and graduated from the University at Albany with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting in June 1976. He is a Certified Public Accountant, licensed by the State of New York on November 10, 1978. Mr. Beckett is a member of the American and New York State Societies of CPA’s. He began his accounting career with Jacob Schulman & Company CPA’s of Gloversville, New York where he gained a wide range of experience under a number of CPA’s. He left his partnership there to form his own firm in May 1983.Philip Beckett is the father of four children, Kyle, Kelly, Timothy and Terry, and resides in Gloversville, New York with his wife Martha. He has been an active volunteer in many civic activities and organizations, such as the Gloversville Little League, Fulton County YMCA, Cooperative Extension, The Eccentric Club, Inc., The Sprite Club, Inc. and Pleasant Square Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.. Mr Beckett has been elected a director of Patriot National Bank and appointed chairman of the audit committee.On May 3, 2016 the shareholders of Patriot Federal Bank of Canajoharie, NY re-elected Phil to another 3-year term on their Board of Directors. He has been a member of the board since 2010 and is the chairman of the audit committee of the Board of Directors. He has also been designated the audit committee financial expert as defined under the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
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