Korhorn Financial Group, CPA in Granger, IN

Wise Money for a Wise Life
At Korhorn Financial Group, we seek different results—better results—for every client. That’s why we take a completely different approach than every other advisory firm we know.
We deliver clarity, confidence, and creativity.
We call it the “three-legged stool” of Wise Money. Clarity to help you know where you are financially, where you’re going, and what to expect along the way. Confidence of knowing you have a plan in place that addresses your needs today and far into the future. And creativity to look at your big picture through a different lens and identify innovative solutions to even the most complex challenges.
We offer a one-stop shop for your finances.
To keep things simple, we offer a full menu of financial services under one roof. Our team includes trained and certified professionals that specialize in each of the 6 key areas of financial planning. And while our experience may be impressive, what we believe matters even more is that by working as one, we are able to think outside the box and build a better game plan to help you achieve a stress-free financial future where retirement is affordable—and work is optional.
We are paid to do one thing: help you build a better future.
We are fee-based financial planners, which means our clients pay us a set fee to provide straightforward, unbiased financial advice. And unlike most of our peers, every member of our team is paid an annual salary. Our reward is based solely on the value we provide our clients—not how well we line vendors’ pockets. It’s a different approach that we believe drives the best possible results.
We take the time to learn about you—not just your money.
In our initial meetings, we’ll talk about much more than just your finances. We take the time to listen to your worries and your dreams, understand your values, and explore how our team can help you build a realistic, long-term approach to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Plan. Protect. Preserve. Prosper. We call it our Wise Money Process. We hope you’ll simply call it a better way to live.
6910 N. Main St., Building 16,
Unit 41, Granger, IN 46530
Phone: 574-247-5898
Email: info@korhorn.com
Website: https://www.korhorn.com