JCCS, CPA in Great Falls, MT

JCCS has more than 100 professionals working in six locations. Yet we all share one goal: to guide you in making smart decisions today so you can have a better tomorrow.
Our well-qualified CPAs and business advisors look beyond mere numbers and statistics. We begin by asking a few simple questions. Where do you want to be – short and long term? How can we poise you for future growth while avoiding any potential pitfalls? Can we dig even deeper into our bench of talent to help you further succeed? Then we assemble a team of experts to help you execute your plan and correct it as necessary.
For more than 70 years we’ve helped clients, both big and small, in virtually every sector. We’ve collaborated with them on everything from managing payroll to paying the right amount of tax, from expansion plans like mergers and acquisitions to succession planning, and valuation. Throughout it all we’ve held one firm belief.
When it comes to reaching your personal, business and professional goals, knowledge is power.
Our Mission
We believe in seeing beyond the numbers in ways that help our clients and people achieve their personal, professional and business goals.
We take this mission to heart and live it every day. It is fundamental to the work we do and the value we deliver not just for our clients but also ourselves. Because as we see it, when we succeed both JCCS and our clients can reinvest and contribute more to the local economy.
Our Vision
To be sought out not only for what we do, but for how we think and the difference we make.
We want to be partners with our clients. We want long-term relationships where we can positively impact their futures.
We want to work with clients who share our mission and values. They are the ones who think proactively and are future-centric.
We believe the best clients are individuals and businesses who are always seeking to do things better.
Our Core Beliefs
Think Exponentially
We must have the energy and courage to think bigger whether working with each other or with clients. We explore better ways of doing things or alternatives our team and client may not have considered. We figure out ways to help our clients get more and achieve more, and grow our expertise in the process.
Act Proactively
We turn our IDEAS into ACTION. If there are alternatives, we ask what they are and explore them. We determine if we can make a change, develop a new service or a new way of delivering something for a client that has higher value, is more efficient and is driven by the value of what we are doing. We think one step ahead, so we’re not just dealing with the issue in front of us – to help the client and the JCCS team act proactively.
Grow Professionally
We cultivate a culture of constant learning. Some of these skills are technical so we can develop the competence and professionalism to deliver new ideas and services. We build confidence by adding layers of soft skills that drive ideas, influence colleagues and clients, and inspire action. What do I need to learn to be able to deliver this new idea? What does my team need to learn and do? How can I invest in myself so that not only do I build my professional capabilities but also those of the team around me, while increasing the benefits to our clients as well? We constantly ask these questions to better ourselves so we can better serve you.
501 Park Drive South
Great Falls, MT 59403
Phone: (406) 761-2820
Fax: (406) 761-2825
Website: https://www.jccscpa.com/