Keller and Sadler, CPA in Katy, TX

Keller & Sadler is dedicated to providing finance, accounting, tax and special project advice and counsel, as a valued member of your management team. Out-sourcing to financial teams outside of your own business domain requires you to place trust and confidence with that outside team. We recognize this requirement, and feel that our service to the personal and business community over the past 25 years speaks volumes about our reputation in the Katy area.
Companies have for years out-sourced tax work and special projects, and now a growing number are out-sourcing back-office functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, budgets, internal reporting, and external reporting. With the advent of the world-wide web and new software, we can appear to be in the next room.
We Pledge to listen and work with you in a friendly, relaxed manner to achieve your goals. What better way to accomplish this than to arrange an alliance with a team of business management specialists that works with you to find solutions!
Our mission is to allow our clients to focus on what they do best while we provide or supervise their accounting, finance, tax, and treasury requirements. We know that to compete in the ever-changing world, you need a Partner who will anticipate your needs and be proactive in reaching your goals in an manner that makes sense to you.
We have a collective 100 years of experience in the art of tax and accounting. We want to be more than a service provider; we want to be a trusted Partner that contributes to meeting your specific goals in the latest tax advantaged method!
Darrell M. Keller, PC has thirty years of experience in all aspects of Business Management. He has a proven track record of helping small, medium, and large companies solve their business management problems in a manner that makes sense to them. Customers range in size from Reliant Energy (developed a program to convert Dutch GAAP financials to US GAAP) to Floral Designs by GG (how do I get started in business?). He founded a premier CPA practice in the Katy area that grew to 500+ customers. Over the past eight years he has focused on providing solutions to issues ranging from Sarbines-Oxley internal control issues, product development and commercialization, internal control, manufacturing absorption, and out-sourcing issues, as well as international tax planning and facilitating start-up offices for business from the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, and China. He truly enjoys helping a team reach their goals and helping achieve profitability.
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